Memories Storyteller - Diario

Memories Storyteller – Diary

Memories Storyteller” has really meant a lot for me.
When I started creating these toys on canvas – about four years ago – I considered the moment as something really intimate, personal, maybe a surge of my fears.
I would never have imagined that the outcome of that moment, ideas and feelings would have become something really important, a means of communicating with people.
I never even knew that my paintings would be selected among perhaps more than 100 for a solo show in the heart of Rome, by professionals who believed in my art.
I would therefore like to thank “Mario Moderni Foundation”, Anna, Marco and all the organization of this incredible experience: it has changed my artistic path, and especially it has given to me confidence to make what I do.
Finally I thank everyone for the support: friends that have joined me in Rome at the gallery, or simply who wishes me the best for this opportunity … I look forward to meet you at the next exhibition!


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