Memories Storyteller

Memories Storyteller – Gallery of Moderni Foundation, Rome

Presentation edited by Moderni Foundation
Dream, memory, childhood: this seems to be the concept of “Memories Storyteller”, solo exhibition of Domenico Ruccia (Bari, 1986) at the Gallery of Moderni Foundation in Rome (26th October – 24th Novembre 2017).
The “Toys” paintings series is exhibited for the first time in a complete way: a very personal journey of the artist, that has started since 2014 and tries to tell – combining high technical quality with restless memories of childhood – the nostalgia that remains tangible despite the passing of time.
This series includes 12 oil paintings, combined with preparatory studies and illustrations that focus on childhood with metaphysical component.
Analyzing the poetics of these works it’s clear that nothing is real or can be confined only into nostalgic impressions: although the main goal is to capture the spectator’s memories, the artist tries to go further, designing a kind of short circuit for which past and present are deleted.
The artist seeks an interaction, and there’s the desire to tell a story: these wooden toys with vivid and melancholic colours tells about the past. But the vibrancy of colours tells us that the operation is not useless: memory is a relief for the present, but it can give us strength to face the future.
The artist has rebuilt every single detail of his memory, and now he hopes that these emotions can be shared with viewers in a limitated time: the sensation is to walk in time, to enter in a different psychological dimension.
There’s also the possibility to see the latest stylistic evolutions of the artist: in the recent canvases (like “Untitled n.1”) there’s the desire of a wider vision and the need of a study that recalls ancient Egyptian art, demonstrating that there are endless possibilities to telling the past and its strenght.

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