Percorsi tra visione e realtà

Percorsi tra Visione e Realtà – Sale del Bramante, Rome

Together with my participation at the Genoa Art Expo 2017, I’m pleased to report to be one of the artists selected for the international contemporary art exhibition “Percorsi tra visione e realtà”, event organized by Arte Borgo Gallery with Rome City patronage; the exhibition will be held at the prestigious Sale del Bramante in Rome, from 8th to 14th of April, 2017.
Sale del Bramante in Piazza del Popolo are in a strategic location, between the Pincio (Villa Borghese) and the ancient Porta Flaminia, starting point of the Roman trident and destination for thousands tourists and visitors. The historical setting that characterizes this place and its charm create a strong link between past and contemporary art, making the exhibition an important cultural event.
I’m going to be present at the event with the work “Composition (III)”, oil on canvas, taken from the “Toys” series.
I hope you will be there.
Your faithfully.


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