UAD – Art and Design University of Cluj-Napoca

I’d like to spend few words about my experience as Assistant Professor at the Painting School of Cluj-Napoca University of Art and Design (UAD).
This traineeship made it possible for me to have a 2017 plenty of new encounters and professional advancement.
The day to day life was really exciting, rich of activities and new projects all developed working in team with my colleagues and other professors.
I especially enjoyed the time spent with my students discussing about their artworks and the development of new artistic research.
I had also the privilege to work with Dean Prof Ioan Sbarciu, a great artist and a fantastic mentor to me during the time at UAD.
This experience will be invaluable in leading my plan of professional growth in the art field and I will always grateful to the Fine Art Academy of bari for giving me this opportunity.
I will publish soon my new painting series “Seasons”, the result of this fantastic year in Transylvania.


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